This site was created by the Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia. It contains information intended to assist people with Nova Scotia Small Claims Court cases.


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Enforcing a Small Claims Court order

The Nova Scotia Small Claims Court has information about steps you can take if you win and you need to collect on your judgment.  See "Enforcing a Small Claims Court Order: A Guide for Creditors".

Watch this video for a quick overview of enforcement options:

Self Advocacy 101 - After Judgment

Appealing a Small Claims Court order

If you lose in Small Claims Court you can either:

  • accept that you lost, or
  • appeal.

You have 30 days to appeal to the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia.  It is a good idea to talk with a lawyer if you want to appeal the decision.  You need to have a good legal reason to appeal.  There are only three grounds (legal reasons) for an appeal:

  • an error of law
  • a jurisdictional error, or
  • procedural unfairness (failure to follow the natural justice requirements).

It is not enough to just say you do not agree with the decision.

The Nova Scotia Small Claims Court has more information about How to File a Notice of Appeal from a Small Claims Court decision.

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