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By Angela Simmonds

If you are Black in Canada – it is likely you have experienced racism in all areas of your life.  Race continues to be a significant issue in Canadian society.  Race creates and continues to sustain inequalities for African Canadians. Whether racism is upfront and in your face, such as name calling, or spoken in whispers behind closed doors, it affects every facet of people’s lives.

If you die without a will, you are said to die "intestate", and the rules set out in the Nova Scotia Intestate Succession Act determine who gets your estate:

By John McKiggan, McKiggan Hebert Lawyers.

If a person has never experienced sexual abuse, it probably seems pretty far from their reality. However, the statistics about how common childhood abuse is are frightening; 1 in 3 females and 1 in 6 males in Canada will encounter some form of child abuse before the age of 17.